End result: Reading corner

In a previous post I dreamed about a reading corner with a chair. The end result was something a little bit different.

I loved my bedroom in oslo, all furniture was white and I spent a lot of time on my bed, reading, surfing, dreaming and being content. I loved spending time there. There is something about the color white that gives me peace and I have missed that bedroom.

Since I moved to Stavanger, I have had a spare single bed that I wanted to get rid off. It took only space and was in the way. It was slow making, but in the end I realized that I could have my spare bed in the reading corner and recreate that lovely space I had in Oslo. I moved the bed into the living room, and I have spent a lot of time there. I have not been well for many weeks, and being in this bed has been great.

Today I finished my dream. Kid started a 40% sale on all items today, and I purchased a white fur-like bed spread and a fake fur blanket which is so easy to snuggle in. I’m so happy with the outcome, and I love my little corner of the world.And it only cost me 500 norwegian kroners. Now I only have to get a wireless headset for my boyfriend when he wants to watch tv, so I can get some silence.

Who says you can’t buy happiness?  (It just doesn’t have to cost much)

The candle to the left is a scented candle purchased for this big event 🙂



You can see that the bed takes up about 15 cm of the terrace door, but there is no way I'm giving up this bed. In the windows you can see a heart hanging with a candle in the middle. It was a christmas present, and I love that heart.










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