Jewellery storage

Any girl ends up with a lot of jewellery during the years, which ends up being stashed here and there in a disorderly fashion. That is my reality anyway. So for a little time I have been wanting a nice way of organizing my jewellery, making it easy to see what I want to wear.

Most of us are used to monstrosities like this:
Those are fine, but they take up a lot of space and doesn’t give an immediate impression of what jewellery to wear. I’m always on the lookout for solutions that declutters my space and make things readily available. When I saw a door/wall cabinet at WalMart I found what I was searching for AND I could mount it on a door or inside a closet. Perfect! On the outside it’s a mirror, and inside there is a lot of space.

  • Holds 96 rings
  • Holds 48 earrings
  • Holds over 36 necklaces
  • 12 Compartments for watches and bracelets
  • Includes an external and internal mirror

But there are also hanging jewellery organizers, and more for every dream (

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