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Photo by by Giles Lane, License: CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

The slow effort on getting norwegian ebooks out to the public is starting to get somewhere. There has been a myriad of discussions, back and forth regarding prices, slow progress, taxes, book selection, where publishers will provide ebooks etc. You name it. All these elements is still in discussion. The truth is that I’ve grown tired of the discussion and I will vote by spending my money where my opinions are. But, the point of this post is to present the norwegian ebook stores:

Lille Måne: A small publisher with nice prices, small ebook selection that mostly consist of self-development ebooks.

Eviem: Contains ebooks from publishers that doesn’t want to be a part of:

Bokskya: Owned by large Norwegian Publishers and is criticized for taking too much royalties. Was supposed to be released today at 10am, and and 3 hours later it still haven’t happened. I didn’t understand the solution, I thought it was a website one could access through a regular browser, but no.

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