The cure for gallstones

My worst enemy – scratch that, all people that dislikes me for one reason or another should be very happy because I have gallstones which is incredibly painful. If I have an enemy, this is what I would like happen to that person. The agony that lasts up to six hours, all the nights with no sleep, the constant worry if I am too full, can I eat this, stay away from certain food because they can start a gallstone attach, all the times I have been worried because I have eaten something that could give me a gallstone attack – and then it happens.

I have no idea how many times I have had a gallstone attack and googled “cure for gallstones”, a gazillion times. I have tried so many things to keep the gallstones under control, and I have found out how I can avoid having attacks. I’m just not able to follow all the rules:

  • Never become too full
  • No caffeine (coke, coffee)
  • No eggs
  • (Keep fat and sugar under control – wasn’t really my problem)

I’m pregnant and have gallstones which is even worse. I have received strong painkillers from my doctor, opiods which is a drug/narcotics. During my vacation when I eat less healthy, I had so many gallstone attacks and took so many pain killers that I wouldn’t be surprised if my baby is born with withdrawal symptoms. And I don’t even care, because I will do anything to stop the pain. If I take too many pain killers and died, I wouldn’t mind – at least I wouldn’t be in pain anymore. I’m even drugged when writing this, so at one point it will get more difficult to keep track of the text on this page since things get a bit blurry after a while.

So the title of this posting is misleading – but it does make for a good headline. The thing is, it took me a long time to link gallstones to eating eggs. It also took me a long time to understand how much caffeine matters in reducing gallstone attacks. If one avoids caffeine and eggs, one goes a long way in keeping the attacks under control. I found little information on the web about how effective these two things are, but I did find ridiculous articles about drinking glasses of oils and salt etc. I haven’t tried it, and when having gallstones, it does seem like a risky adventure.

But for me this hasn’t been easy, so in the end I have given up. I will get an operation to remove the gallbladder. I can be stubborn and hard-headed, and I have certainly been both when it domes to dealing with my gallstones. I thought that if I just was able to change my diet, then the attacks would stop. I reached some success as well, but unfortunately I’m too fond of cola and during vacation everything goes to hell.

Oh – things just got very blurry.. and hard to focus. I have to get back to solitaire now – the cards are at least big enough for me so that I can keep playing for a little while more.

Btw – I can really recommend playing solitaire during a gallstone attack.

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5 Responses to The cure for gallstones

  1. Merete says:

    Vil de fjerne galleblæra altså? De har ikke andre smarte måter å avhjelpe steinene på?

  2. Nå skal jeg si ifra til legen imorgen om det, men jeg tror ikke det er så mange andre alternativer lenger. Jeg har jo hatt dette i over et år nå, og selv om jeg har ganske god kontroll på anfallene (utenom ferie) så trenger jeg bare sterkere og sterkere smertestillende, og jeg må tilrettelegge hele tiden for å unngå anfall.

    Å bare fjerne steinene vil ikke hjelpe, det dannes nye steiner hele tiden. Så jeg vet rett og slett ikke om noen andre metoder.

  3. Ingrid says:

    Herlig ikke sant? Der har du en liten smakebit på hva crohns vil si. Du er heldig som kan velge å operere det ut og bli kvitt smertene. Føler med deg da, for det er pyton å ha sånne smerter. Hele kroppen blir jo satt ut av det.

  4. gavind says:

    Check this step by step experience in removing the gall stones only. All the information that you need is here.

    The thing about surgery with gall stones is that you have to surgically remove your gall bladder and you will have consequences after that. This means that you can never ever eat fatty food again. And other undocumented side effects after surgery.

  5. I have heard of people that have problems eating fatty food afterwards, but I’ve had no such problems. I can now eat whatever I want without any consequences, and it’s a big relief. I have a bit more runny toilet visits at times, but eating an apple (fiber) takes care of that problem.

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