The cure for gallstones

My worst enemy – scratch that, all people that dislikes me for one reason or another should be very happy because I have gallstones which is incredibly painful. If I have an enemy, this is what I would like happen to that person. The agony that lasts up to six hours, all the nights with no sleep, the constant worry if I am too full, can I eat this, stay away from certain food because they can start a gallstone attach, all the times I have been worried because I have eaten something that could give me a gallstone attack – and then it happens.

I have no idea how many times I have had a gallstone attack and googled “cure for gallstones”, a gazillion times. I have tried so many things to keep the gallstones under control, and I have found out how I can avoid having attacks. I’m just not able to follow all the rules:

  • Never become too full
  • No caffeine (coke, coffee)
  • No eggs
  • (Keep fat and sugar under control – wasn’t really my problem)

I’m pregnant and have gallstones which is even worse. I have received strong painkillers from my doctor, opiods which is a drug/narcotics. During my vacation when I eat less healthy, I had so many gallstone attacks and took so many pain killers that I wouldn’t be surprised if my baby is born with withdrawal symptoms. And I don’t even care, because I will do anything to stop the pain. If I take too many pain killers and died, I wouldn’t mind – at least I wouldn’t be in pain anymore. I’m even drugged when writing this, so at one point it will get more difficult to keep track of the text on this page since things get a bit blurry after a while.

So the title of this posting is misleading – but it does make for a good headline. The thing is, it took me a long time to link gallstones to eating eggs. It also took me a long time to understand how much caffeine matters in reducing gallstone attacks. If one avoids caffeine and eggs, one goes a long way in keeping the attacks under control. I found little information on the web about how effective these two things are, but I did find ridiculous articles about drinking glasses of oils and salt etc. I haven’t tried it, and when having gallstones, it does seem like a risky adventure.

But for me this hasn’t been easy, so in the end I have given up. I will get an operation to remove the gallbladder. I can be stubborn and hard-headed, and I have certainly been both when it domes to dealing with my gallstones. I thought that if I just was able to change my diet, then the attacks would stop. I reached some success as well, but unfortunately I’m too fond of cola and during vacation everything goes to hell.

Oh – things just got very blurry.. and hard to focus. I have to get back to solitaire now – the cards are at least big enough for me so that I can keep playing for a little while more.

Btw – I can really recommend playing solitaire during a gallstone attack.

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