The perfect breakfast

During my vacation I noticed how important a good breakfast was for me. It wasn’t about eating the healthiest, energy-correct, let’s count the calories perfect. It was a breakfast I was looking forward to, that made me happy while eating it and I was looking forward too. I utterly enjoyed the breakfast, taking time eating it and just smiling. That is the perfect breakfast! A breakfast that made me feel everything was alright with me and the world.

So when I got home I decided to keep up that tradition, especially during weekends. So, this is how my perfect breakfast looks like:

Earl Grey tea
Orange juice
2 buns with smoked cheese and peach jam
A small chocolate croissant (a little treat at the end)

Having this for breakfast is heaven.




In Meny and Helgø you can get croissant dough from Sara Lee that you can roll out. I’m unable to bake croissant like they are supposed to, so they look a little like bread sticks – not croissants. I have no idea how people manage to get them nice looking. I have tried milk chocolate and kinder eg chocolate inside, but my favorite is plain baking dark chocolate.

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