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I read a lot when I was young, biographies, fiction, you name it. I even read “Lord of the Rings” two or three times. I have tried to read the books several times again, but now I’m unable to read the first 50 pages without loosing interest. I don’t know when it happened, but somewhere along I got hooked into fantasy books, and I stayed there. When I was 30 I was going through a rough patch and then I got hooked into personal growth books which helped me tremendously to improve my mental well-being.

Now I’m 33, going on 34, and I am stuck on fantasy, science fiction and personal growth books. I used to enjoy reading Wilbur Smith and the Courtney books when I was a teenager, so last week I decided to give it another try. See if it would rekindle the flame. I managed to read 20 pages during a week. That’s bad, that isn’t rekindling anything. The setting is in Africa where the boy “Sean” lives on his family farm. It starts off with a hunting episode, and already there the book lost me. Books with hunting in them when I’m a vegetarian, let’s just say it’s not my area of interest.

Before going on this failed quest, I read all the seven books in the Harry Potter series. I used to love those books, I was enthralled into another world and when I stopped reading them I woke up to the real and more boring world where magic didn’t exist. Now I got the feeling that the books really were written for teenagers/children, and I was annoyed multiple times by the bad characters in the books. The Dursley’s which are mean and narrow, the always slick and unsympathetic Snape, the brat Draco and his thugs. I don’t like characters that are so easily labeled, that have no sympathetic character traits that I like. I like people that may be evil, but still have some human features that makes me recognize them as being human and possibly likable to a small degree. At least give me one bad person with a good sense of humor. Or a bad person who can be a bit fickle, and sometimes show mercy at unpredictable times.

No, life and people instead are in many regards portrayed as either good or evil, black and white, Jedi or Sith. And the interesting thing is, evil always seems to have stronger powers than goodness, but since goodness persists it wins. I’m getting tired of this and since this is mostly the themes of fantasy books as well, only with magic into the mix, I’ve lost interest in reading.

I want to read uplifting, joyous books. There may be some bad circumstances, but they are not to be dwelled upon and are more of a side note in the story. I don’t need a lot of misery to get to a happy ending that are only in the 30 last pages of the book. I loved Eat Pray Love because it started off with a divorce, but it was only a side note in the book. The reason why I still read personal growth books is because of their interesting stories of clients that have overcome obstacles and how they did it, and there are some good advice there as well usually. I keep track of Oprah because I find uplifting things there.

I want to stop reading news because it only focus on the bad things, and I don’t need that disturbance in my life. I only want stories and people that adds something to my life.

So I’m out of ideas on what to read. There are only so much personal growth books can give me, and I’ve lost interest. Do you have any suggestions?

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