Piracy – when there is no other option

I purchase ebooks because they are easily available and easy to get rid of the DRM. When it comes to movies and TV series, things isn’t that easily available. On the Norwegian iTunes store there is no films or TV series that can be purchased. There is no access to Hulu or Netflix (unless one fake it until one makes it).

So what is the easiest, available option – piracy, of course! It’s not legal and I prefer to pay for whatever content I use. The reason I want to pay for it is easy: If I throw money at the things I like, it means that more content of what I like will be made available to me. Another reason is that I like to do things legally as well, but who cares about that desire except me?

So when I read a statement by Jon Favreau about original films weren’t made anymore because the limits upon earnings had become very strict, I couldn’t help but think:

Please Hollywood! Make it easy for me to purchase your films and TV Series (and without DRM), and you will get money from me.

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