A self-proclaimed tea-nazi

Or for the love of tea!

I’m a self-proclaimed tea-nazi. I have measured temperature to brew  the tea in. I always brew the tea for the correct amount of minutes to ensure that the tea doesn’t become bitter. More importantly, I appreciate quality (black) tea which is hard to find here in Norway. Wikipedia has a table displaying what one needs to know about brewing tea:

Type Water Temp. Steep Time Infusions
White Tea 65 to 70 °C (149 to 158 °F) 1–2 minutes 3
Yellow Tea 70 to 75 °C (158 to 167 °F) 1–2 minutes 3
Green Tea 75 to 80 °C (167 to 176 °F) 1–2 minutes 4-6
Oolong Tea 80 to 85 °C (176 to 185 °F) 2–3 minutes 4-6
Black Tea 99 °C (210 °F) 2–3 minutes 2-3
Pu’er Tea 95 to 100 °C (203 to 212 °F) Limitless Several
Herbal Tea 99 °C (210 °F) 3–6 minutes Varied

In Aftenposten there is an article in Norwegian about teahouses in Oslo, and it makes me miss Oslo even more. There’s no place in Stavanger that I know of who focus on tea. We have Kaffehuset who sells tea and coffee, but the service staff don’t have much knowledge about tea and the quality of the black tea is the same as most places in Norway, terrible. I wish I could brag about my knowledge of where one can buy quality tea’s, but the best place so far has been Fortnum & Mason  that Merete introduced me too. I can really recommend Earl Grey Classic Tea which is the best Earl Grey I’ve tasted. My next order I will also purchase black tea with lemon. I tried black tea with apple, as well as mango, but it wasn’t anything for me. The problem with Fortum & Mason is that the postage is really expensive, so it’s only something I will do once a year (and even pay the extra customs getting it into the country). As a side note, they have the best customer service I have ever experienced – Exemplary!

Tea is one of the things I have been a bit obsessed with. When I was in New York I took a trip to TeaNy which served a beautiful, velvety Earl Grey Creme. I purchased the same tea from (well, same name and “content”) from Teavana, but it didn’t have the same velvety taste as at TeaNy. I will not order from them again, but there are several other places that serves the same tea. I guess I will have to try them out at some point.

In the image above is my tea accessories. A tin with Earl Grey Classic tea from Fortnum and Mason, a spoon with the engraving “1 cup of perfect tea” and two timers – one for black tea and one for fruit tea which are the only teas I like. And the “trey” is perfect for putting some sugar cubes on and After Eight Mints which I don’t have at home right now.

I also have two different tea boxes which caters for tea bags of different sizes. Love those boxes, they are beautiful and classic.

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