Gadget for new years blues

In autumn I wrote about what I wanted – Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 64 GB. It’s now Christmas times and I have put my eyes on some other goodness – Asus eee pad transformer prime. That’s how it goes when Samsung is late in selling what I want. Before I will be able to get my hands on a 64 GB Tab, a better tablet will be on the market.

It will come to Norway in January (or February – when have releases ever come on time?) and it will be light, thinner than Samsung Galaxy Tab, will be upgradable to Android 4.0, it will be much faster (tegra 3), better battery times,  and with a keyboard for only 5000,- NOK. The best selling point (for me) is that it will have support for hdmi, usb and microSD.

The design makes me drool.

The only drawback is that it will not have 3G support, which I find surprising. They include almost everything you could want in this tablet, but they leave 3G out? Not that it matters much if you have a half decent phone that support internet sharing which will give internet access when there is no  wifi spots nearby.

This is the one I will buy. Too bad I will not get it for Christmas.

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2 Responses to Gadget for new years blues

  1. Anett says:

    Denne står på lista vår i år 🙂 Har ipad via jobben – for det meste JO som bruker den, men denne her liker jeg virkelig! Men enig med deg – det at den ikke har 3G er litt dumt, men kanskje man kan bruke mobilt kontor eller noe i den duren 🙂

    GOD JUL!

  2. Ja, den er lekker og jeg gleder meg til den kommer. Skal bli spennende å se om den har like mange (gode) muligheter som iPad. Jeg har ingen erfaring med Android enda. Det er jo greit at både du og jo har et nettbrett hjemme 😉

    God Jul til dere begge!

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