Joylent doesn’t fix bad habits

IMG_0105I’ve been trying on Joylent for about two weeks now, and I see a change of habits already. What makes you sure a habit will stay or not?
Answer: It’s easier than the previous habit.

My food habits weren’t really working for me, so I knew that something like Joylent could help me. What are my bad habits?
I skipped breakfast and only ate something at 10am or something. The way I usually remembered it was time to eat was because my mood changed and I became irritable – and peckish.

Since eating too little for breakfast/lunch, I usually crash around 2pm, starved, irritable and no energy left.

Then comes evening and I get a little bit hungry. But since I don’t like making any food, candy and chips is the easy option more often than I like to admit.

Yes, I was struggling.

So what changed?
I begun consuming joylent like I usually did. Took some joylent long time after getting up and I noticed I was getting irritable. Crashed around 2pm, but then I usually was busy so didn’t bother getting joylent and continued doing whatever I was doing. Got hungry in the evening, tried to change my habit there with a bit of joylent – partly successful.

The biggest change happened when I realized that how often I ate was a problem. I’m never hungry in the morning – actually, I was never hungry ever. Just ravishingly irritable when too long time had passed.

So I started having a cup of Joylent in the morning, and what a change that made. I got hungry again around 10 – 11am, but this time I wasn’t irritable. Just this little change made me feel hunger again – as in healthy, glorious hunger.

The biggest trouble with Joylent is that it’s sweet. It’s mildly sweet, but still sweet, sweet, sweet. When most of your meals are sweet, you kind of get grossed out about all that sweetness. I started craving saltiness. Then something wonderful happened. I started to enjoy food again. I began to dream about salty and savory dinners I could make.

If I feel hungry/peckish in the evening – a cheese sandwich is so amazingly savory. Who needs chips when you crave a cheese sandwich with avakado, dressing and vegetarian cold cuts? Joylent doesn’t fix any bad habits and cravings for chips and candy, but it makes it easier to choose something different.

Food has become a pleasure now, something I appreciate and enjoy when I create and eat it. Joylent is there for convenience and I have at least one joylent meal a day. The rest of the time I’m appreciating food again. What a relief it is!

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