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integrity - the state of being whole, entire, or undiminished.

Life phases

I have met people that have just stopped in their personal growth. Okey, they might had some personality disorders going on, but it really is a symptom of not being able to change. In the blame-game it’s always somebody else’s … Continue reading

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One of my first memories are of mischief. I was about two or three years old and in kindergarten. All the children was outside playing. I looked around me and made sure that nobody saw me. Then I opened the … Continue reading

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Fast talking, slow listeners

I was looking down the aisle at the ecological store I visit now and then. They have a great selection of vegetarian products and vegetables and I found tempeh and seitan for the first time. I was paying for the … Continue reading

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Exhaustingly unexhausted

I should be sleeping now, and I was tired when I went to bed. My brain wouldn’t let me sleep. It was creating sentences that wasn’t sentences, but they want to exist in this world. So here I sit, with … Continue reading

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Hvor ble det av personligheten?

Vi har vel alle hørt klisjeen om at når kvinner får barn, så går alle tanker og energi til den nye babyen i huset. Plutselig så følger man med på de underligste og lite delikate ting som fargen på avføringen … Continue reading

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Deppa etter barselsgruppe

Det hadde gått 2 1/2 måned siden jeg hadde født den lille terroristen, og endelig skulle jeg på barselsgruppe og møte andre jenter i samme situasjon. Jeg kom flyttende til Stavanger for et år siden, så på den tiden har … Continue reading

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What makes or breaks a relationship?

I have no idea how to make a relationship works for years and years. Nowadays I notice whenever marriages ends after about twenty years – let me say it again, twenty years. That’s a long time – an eternity. That’s … Continue reading

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What can the future hold for publishing houses?

Branding doesn’t seem to be a term publishing houses are aware of, but they should be. Walking into a book store today you see a lot of merchandise that isn’t connected to books, and one can question whether bookstores as … Continue reading

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Den norske vegankokeboken

Jeg har vært vegetarianer i 17 år nå. Jeg er glad i god mat, men jeg er ikke så glad i å lage mat. Det er et vanskelig dillemma for jeg blir jo sulten, men har for det meste lite … Continue reading

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Japan, Oslo 22nd July. Pregnancy (nausea, hunger, back pains, heartburns, walking pain, exhaustion, huge), gallstones, Simon, cholic, milk allergy, extreme sleep deprivation, gallstones, exhaustion. I’m happy that year is over.

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Wonderful internet

I come across things on the internet that are beautiful and I want to share, so here’s some catch I’ve found these past few days. A video that shows the beauty of our world, a happy christmas article and a … Continue reading

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Will Kindle DX be discontinued?

I have been wanting Kindle DX since spring this year which is a long time. I expected a release of new Kindles this fall, and lo and behold, Kindle 4 and Kindle Fire was released as I expected. I was … Continue reading

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16.12.2011 – Dagens kvinne”vennlige” nyheter

Nettavisen – Jenter skjønner ikke risikoen. Artikkelen handler om folk på fylla, mer spesifikt de som jobber i ambulanse og må håndtere forskjellige situasjoner, men overskriften fokuserer på jentene. Nettavisen – Kan menn og kvinner bare være venner? Fortsatt er … Continue reading

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Dagens kvinne”vennlige” nyheter

Jeg har sett meg lei på alle nyhetene som fokuserer på kjønnet kvinner. Overskriftene er som oftest negativt ladet, og jeg har kun opplevd en gang at en artikkel har fokusert negativt på menn for et år siden eller noe. … Continue reading

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Gadget for new years blues

In autumn I wrote about what I wanted – Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 64 GB. It’s now Christmas times and I have put my eyes on some other goodness – Asus eee pad transformer prime. That’s how it goes when … Continue reading

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Christmas trees

As Christmas is getting closer every day, I’m finding funny christmas trees to put me in the good mood. Or what about a Grolsch beer bottle tree?

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On Monday I had a pre-examination before the operation to remove the gallbladder and I had a bad cold. I had read almost everything I came over about the operation, so I knew that if I had a cold they … Continue reading

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Yet again…

I have another gallstone attack. They come about every second day now. Anybody will say that you get little sleep when having a baby. Try having a baby, gallstone attacks every second day and on top of that – sleep … Continue reading

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This week I had a breakthrough! I have been able to go out with Simon to different appointments, and it have worked out fine. I’m able to get out and do stuff ! I have now come to the level … Continue reading

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Today is a good day

Today is a good day. I got four hours of consecutive sleep, apparently I can function on four hours. When I only get between 2 – 3 hours of consecutive sleep I usually function badly for the rest of the … Continue reading

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