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Keeping a diary

The last couple of years I have been writing a diary. I have off and on periods when I write a lot, and other periods where there isn’t much happening or I’m just not in the mood to write anything. … Continue reading

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Akkurat som på cafe

Jeg kjøpte meg en melkeskummer som både varmer og skummer melka, OBH Nordica Latte Pronto Piano Black. Målet var å kunne lage meg en mocca som var like god som de beste jeg får kjøpt på cafe på kortest mulig … Continue reading

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Merry christmas and a happy new year

“Merry Christmas and happy new year” (in Norwegian) is what somebody have tried to write using snow. I’m celebrating Christmas in Karmøy, which is an island with 40 000 inhabitants, located somewhere between Stavanger and Bergen. There is houses everywhere, … Continue reading

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A different breed of books

I have come across a different breed of books I’ve taken a liking too. It’s not books that are to be read for hours or even from cover to cover. The one I like best is “Teany book”, a book … Continue reading

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Regular postings

The ABC of blogging is to keep your blog regularly updated, one can safely say I don’t fall into that category. I have several times wondered if I should just delete my blog, since it’s time consuming to write a … Continue reading

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The Friendship Myth

When I was in school I had a best friend and our friendship embodied everything a true friendship is about. As I got older and got some ideas in my head about what I wanted to be when I grew … Continue reading

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Denne spilte på en gjenkjennende streng…

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The web design process

Been there before?

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Trenger du en ny hobby?

Det er en søt historie om en fyr som veddet om han kunne samle inn en million giraffer fra hele verden, kun gjennom oppfordringer på internett. Det er noen utrolig fine bilder som han har mottatt også. Historien og mange … Continue reading

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Fantorangen synger Fredagssangen

Denne tok  fredagsstemningen min på kornet. Herlig 😀

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Every tea lovers wet dream

During my vacation in the US, I was a regular customer of Starbucks. In addition to selling beverages, they also sell equipment like mugs and tumblers. I brought two Starbucks mugs with me home, but during a hard landing on … Continue reading

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Man skal tugte sin hustru

*ler* ….. wow …….. Ja… tidene har bedret seg….

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Never worry about losing data again

I have a lot of data – that’s where it started. Secondly, I use a lot of computers and operating systems (OS). I have a private macbook pro, a notebook with windows,  a work computer (usually with Linux), iphone and … Continue reading

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Massive Attack – Heligoland

Massive Attack have a new album, Heligoland. As good albums usually do, it took a little time and several listening’s for it to grow on me. Below is the youtube video of my favorite song on the album.

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Hot as hell

“Coffee should be warm as hell, black as the devil, pure like an angel and sweet like love”. C.M. de Talleyrand-Perigord, a french politican.

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Me and Espen took a trip to Cafe Sting since this week they had a garlic week. Since today was the last day, their menu had been shortened down. I still managed to get a vegetarian pasta alfredo, but it … Continue reading

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Anybody who even slightly follow my life, know that I have a passion for mocca. But it isn’t  only about the mocca, it’s about going into the city, looking at people, being on my own and just relaxing with a … Continue reading

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As a person from the planet Earth, designation human, one of my basic personality traits is that I want to feel enlivened. I want my time to mean something to myself and hopefully somebody else in the process. I want … Continue reading

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Gentlemen’s ball scratcher

Sometimes there are some items that just speaks for themselves. This one is from Multicom. Description entails….. The Gentleman’s Ball Scratcher is definitely the present for the man who has everything! A gift aimed at the ‘Busy Male Executive’! For the … Continue reading

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The last day

I have been working as a temporary help at Berggård Amundsen for the last 7 months and Thursday was my last day. I expected the day to be a bit sad, but because of the great people at BA, I … Continue reading

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