How to remove DRM from ebooks

I buy books. A lot of them, and I like to own the books I purchase. By that statement I mean that I want to be able to read the book on whatever device I want. To be able to do that I have to remove the DRM from the books I buy.

I NEVER distribute the books I buy, and neither should you.

How to remove DRM from Mobipocket books:
The Dark Reverser has created some python scripts that removes it. The scripts are available as torrents here.

Install python, then run the script in Terminal (more info below for Windows users):
pythonw drm_ebook.prc device_pid

How to remove DRM from EReader books (pdb):
Python script (also known as

How to remove DRM from MS Reader (lit) format:
Use ConvertLIT to remove the DRM.

How to remove DRM from Kindle ebooks

i?cabbages has provided python scripts or do a search for these keywords”adobe adept drm python scripts”.

iPad DRM
The DRM on iPad has not been broken yet.

Steps in running the scripts

This tutorial expects a certain understanding of using computers, or more importantly, a willingness to test and fail a multitude of times until you get it right yourself.

Download and install python

Python can be downloaded from
More information about running python in Windows here:

If your trying to remove drm from Adobe epub books, you also need to install pycrypto. I tried to install it through the installer located at voidspace, but it didn’t work on my Win7 (june 2010).

How to find the terminal/DOS window in Windows

Terminal (also known as the console) is the same as the DOS window if you use windows. How to find the terminal:

Under Windows 98:
Click Start.
Click Programs.
Click MS-DOS Prompt.

Under Windows 2000/XP:
Click Start.
Click Programs (All Programs if you are using Windows XP).
Click Accessories.
Click Command Prompt.

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88 Responses to How to remove DRM from ebooks

  1. Dirk Vanderwerf says:

    Dear Helene, I found your site of wonder on my search for a decrypt of the block on protected Mobipocket, and then convert to text or Word in order to read e-books in Dutch on my Sony PRS-505. Recent books in my language are only available in the protected format of “eBooks”. I downloaded Active Python and did a search on 4DEDRMfiles torrent an other searches, but the searches did not work. I found no terminal either. Can you say me what went wrong? Thanks, Dirk.

  2. haridasi says:

    Hi Dirk,

    I’ve updated the post. Hopefully that helps a bit.

  3. Dirk Vanderwerf says:

    Dear Helene, I am just looking how to convert encrypted moby books to text for my own use on a Sony reader. But I am not yet so far. Your mentioning the Darkreverser looks useful, but do not know exactly how to attack. Thanks so far. Dirk.

  4. Dirk says:

    Dear Helen, Some monthe ago (in december) I mailed tou you that I tried to remove drm from protected emobifiles. For some months my attention was on other things, but I resumed it these days. I found how to convert mobi into word. But not how to remove drm. I installed python, I found the torrent “4mobidedrm1”, which appears to be something like a combined zip file, but my zip programme does not like to unzip. Q: what do I wrong? Bye for now, I go to sleep. Cheerio, Dirk.

  5. haridasi says:

    Dear Dirk,

    You can download the torrent file from here: After the zip-file have been downloaded, it should be enough to doubleclick the file (if you use Windows Vista) to extract the files (that have the file endings txt). That’s the first start.

  6. Mark says:

    Hi Helene. Thanks for providing all this info.
    Like Dirk, I am trying to remove the drm from a mobi ebook. I’ve followed the steps – downloaded the torrent file, loaded python, brought up the command line and now… I have no idea what to do next.
    Any help you could offer would be much appreciated.

  7. Laura says:

    Thank you!!! I have an EBW-1150 reader and wanted to be able to expand my selection of ebooks. The ConvertLIT program worked like a charm on the drm’s LIT book that I purchased.

  8. Joe says:

    does not work with ereader files, I get a ‘Error: Incorrect Name and/or Credit Card’ message, however I am using the name and credit card info I unlocked the ebook with on my pda.

  9. teemee says:

    dear helen,

    I tried to run python scripts to un-drm a ‘timed’ ebook published by RosettaBooks i borrowed from a library but failed. any suggestions?

  10. haridasi says:

    I have never tried to remove the drm from a timed book, so I have no juice there. Sorry.

  11. Will says:

    I recently bought an ebook (titled: ‘The Spirit Level – Why More Equal Societies Almost Always Do Better’) which can only be read on Adobe Digital Editions afaik, I want to read it on my iphone, is this possible?

    I only have one ebook bought in this format, but from what I can see, it has created 5 folders in my documents under ‘My Digital Editions’ which are:
    restore > books
    > tasks

    In the main folder are the following files:

    Thanks for reading and any help would be gratefully received!

  12. haridasi says:

    The way to remove the drm of adobe pdf’s and epub’s have been added

  13. Scooter says:

    Will these work for books purchased from the sony store? I purchased a couple for the ereader I was given (that was floating around my family’s summer home) but cannot put them on because the reader was registered to one of the dozens of family members passing through the house all summer. I figure if I remove the DRM they won’t look at the device and I’ll be able to read them :). Please let me know.

  14. Yes. How to break the adobe drm is written there.

  15. Jumbo says:

    How about eTextbook format used in Coursesmart? can you or anybody help?
    I’m using 4 different computers (desktop+notebook at work and desktop+PDA at home) so i want to have books i read on all of them.

  16. I’m not familiar with which drm coursesmart uses. The file suffix might give you a hint.

  17. Jumbo says:

    file ext. is ‘vbk’. it’s “readable” with Vitalsource Bookshelf.

  18. I don’t think vitalbook’s drm has been broken. After a little googling it seems like they have developed their own drm format.

  19. just me says:

    has Sony drm been cracked yet. I am in the same boat as you. I prefer to read my books on any device I choose.

  20. Yes. Sony uses adobe drm.

  21. Juliana says:

    Hello Helene,
    I’m from Brazil and i just bought a Kindle 2.
    I loveto ready pocket books but it isn’t easy to find a good amount of them here in my country. So, i decided to buy one e-reader.
    I was so happy when it did arrive… but as soon as i entered amazon’s store i saw that i couldn’t use my internation credit card to buy any kindle book.
    I don’t know what to do…
    So, i would like to ask you if is there any other store where i could buy ebooks to read using the kindle 2.
    Please, please…
    Thank you.

    Juliana Tristine

  22. You can read Mobipocket books on kindle. More about it can be read here:

    That means you can purchase books from a variety of ebook stores and transfer them to Kindle. Unfortunately, you can’t purchase books from Amazon as you have discovered. Kindle has only been made available for the US.

  23. chrissie day says:

    I am trying hard to understand this but do not all i want is to read my books on my reader 600 and something will not let me so how do i take off this drm from purchased books

  24. Gabriel says:

    Hi Helen,

    Does the *.vbk files from VirtualSource can be converted to pdf or whatever??, i have a book in this format, do u know to convert it or any clue?.


  25. Sorry Gabriel. I have no clue on how to convert VirtualSource books to pdf.

  26. Shaelyn says:

    I totally agree, we should be able to read ebooks how ever we want (via computer, PDA, Kindle…) DRM prevents that, thanks for posting this!

  27. scoo says:

    Hi Helene,
    I am brandnew to ebooks, husband surprised me with a Sony PRS 300. I am somewhat mac literate..however have found a massive amount of confusion in a) how to pay for US purchased ebooks…I have purchased a visa travel money a debit card..but the sites ask me for a cvv and US address….neither of which I have, only on my ozzie credit or debit card
    Also how do I convert on the mac?
    Your help would be so appreciated…and I would certainly not share or sell on, but wish to purchase and read, read read…..
    Many thanks

  28. sys says:

    Now I’m not afraid to buy from :I

  29. Bev says:

    I didn’t find the python scripts to remove drm. I purchase e-books and mobipocket books. I now have a Pre and would like to be able to read them on my new phone. I can’t seem to get any to work when I do find them. Do I need to install the mobi reader on my PC before I try to remove drm. Please help.

  30. Jeroen says:

    Dear Helen,
    Could you maybe help me to get the python script for removing the DRM from Mobipockets?
    I couldn’t download it from your site.
    I have bought Mobipockets and I have only a Sony Ereader that can’t read Mobipocket.
    I can convert with Calibre, but only if the DRM is removed.
    Kind regards,

  31. Flavio says:

    Hi, Helene!

    I need to remove DRM from my ereader books, in order to read them on my new Kindle. Can you help me doing so? The links above don’t have the pointed files to do so.

    Thank you!


  32. Ed says:


    Thanks for the information. I purchased an eBook from Barnes and Noble and what I downloaded turned out to be a DRM protected file in .pdb format. I want to remove the DRM so I can use this file with my Sony PRS-505 reader. As I understand it, the .pdb format is the eReader format. I tried using the command line python script “pythonw drm_ebook.prc device_pid” and the result was a file with a size of zero. Since I did not start with a .prc file, I assume that is the problem. Is there a script that will allow me to start with a B&N .pdb file and remove DRM?

    Thanks in advance for your assistance!


  33. Emma says:

    thank God, I’m not the only one. Did B&N change something? The same thing happened to me today – I’ve bought about 15 e-books there in the course of 2009 and didn’t have a problem with conversion to e-pub. The book I bought today is protected and can’t be converted… only after I downloaded I saw the “warning”: sony readers won’t work…

    So same question here. I use the Sony 505 reader as well.


  34. Jennifer says:

    I am also in the same boat as Emma and Ed, my husband bought my the Sony PRS-300 for Christmas and I went on to B& downloaded a bunch of books in .pdb format and now i can’t download them onto my reader, please help. I have called B&N and the geek squad and anyone else i could think of, i have been googling for days and at my wits end, I appreciate your response.

    Thanks a bunch


  35. Amy says:

    There was a day when I was not so computer illiterate. This eReader (Sony 600 Touch) is killing me! Like the two folks above, I bought two BN books and found myself at a loss. Obviously, Calibre cannot remove the DRM. I’ve never felt like such an idiot, but I can’t wrap my head around who uses what and what I need to do to be able to read the books I buy on my device. If Sony’s bookstore wasn’t so expensive, I would just save myself the headache and buy from them. As it were, I’m cheap and want a bargain. *sigh* (And, what is Mobipockets??)


  36. Jona says:

    Dear Helen,

    Could you post new links to the drm removal package for mobipocket and e-reader? I downloaded a package from some site but it doesn’t seem to work this is what I get:

    /System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.5/Resources/ can’t open file ‘’: [Errno 2] No such file or directory

    [Process completed]

    do you know what is wrong?

    Thank you so much for posting

  37. Old Dos Girl says:

    Just wanted to let folks know that they can open a command line prompt in any folder they’re viewing on Windows 7 (64-Bit) by holding down the shift key then doing a right mouse button click on the folder name in the folder tree on the left in explorer, or in any area of the folder on the right hand pane in explorer. When you hold the shift key and do a right mouse button click for the context menu there will be an item, “Open Command Window Here.” Choosing that option will open a command window in that folder.

  38. Anders says:

    Hi Helene

    I’m trying to remove the DRM on an pdfebook, from my library, so I can read it on my htcphone (epub extension) But I’m having trouple getting it to work. I’m using a mac computer, so I don’t know if that’s the problem. I’ve never used Phyton before, but I know a little bit abouth programming, meaning that I can more or less understand what’s going on in the scripts, but I wouldn’t be able to correct any errors. (You might say, I can read but not write the stuff)

    Can you help with this?

  39. Loverboy says:

    Hi Helene,

    Problem: For all Pdfs, which can be read by Digital Editions the solution is Unfortunately Digital Editions 1.7.1 does not download eBooks with format(ebx.etd). A lot of books, protected with Ad Digital Right Management, can be read by Reader 7, 8 or 9, but only time-restricted. I am looking for a method to remove drm from .etd files.

    Can you help?

  40. While I wasdoing some browsing and noticed your website looks a bit messed up in my IE6internet browser. I think I’m the only one still using it….

  41. Dave says:

    Have all programs and scripts to remove drm from sony epub books, I get the adeptkey.der file Ok, but when using ineptepub script, I get the error message
    Error:Problem decrypting session key.

    Any ideas as to where the problem may lie?

    Thanks in anticipation

  42. Keith Renshaw says:

    Hi have you any software for a Mac OS X

  43. Hi Keith,

    If your able to download the 4DeDRMfiles torrent, then it works in macosx using the terminal. That’s how I do it (I’m a mac user myself).

  44. Bloggins says:

    Any idea on how to remove the DRM from .pdb and .lrx files?

  45. Almudena says:

    Sorry but I am a computer dummy. I have followed the instructions (I think) and I am completely lost.
    When I download Phyton, what I get is Phyton (Comand Line). I have the scripts and I don’t know what to do with it.
    Can someone with instructions for playschool level? I just want to be able to read the book I have bought from mobipoquet in a PRC fail with DRM in my Sony touch reader.

  46. Lynn says:

    Same boat as the others here.

    I have a Nook with tons of PDB’s and I want to strip the DRM’s. Some I’ve gotten from B&N, Fictionwise, and Diesel and other stores. I’ve got Python installed along with Pycrypto, but have no clue how to use it.

    Can anyone point me to the babystep guide for stripping DRM’s please? It’s all very confusing and not much info on the net about how to do it due to legalities. I need some explicit instructions. Not just ‘Run the Script’ stuff.

    Thank you.

  47. Lonna says:

    If your wonderful soul would like to give me the same directions as the above, I would be greatly appreciated. I have done some research on the web, but I find I am still sratching my head. I am not programming literate AT ALL.

    I have Vista on my laptop. Thank you

  48. bryson says:

    Hi helene

    great work, thankyo

    i am running osx, and want to read my ibooks and B&N books on mulpiple platforms.

    I have enstalled Stanza on iphone and ipad as you suggested
    I have calibre to convert them as you suggested
    but i still have a DRM issue

    i was wondering if you have time to help a newbie
    do you have a tutorial on how to use the pthyon script for me to follow
    i would need to be pretty rudimentary

    appreciate any help

  49. burado says:

    I just bought an e-book, which was meant to be for my amazon kindle, but then i realized i only can read it on my computer (which i hate:((().
    Unfortunately I couldn’t manage to get the DRM out of it.I installed python and stuff, but then i get an error when trying to export the document. Any ideas?

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