How to remove DRM from ebooks

I buy books. A lot of them, and I like to own the books I purchase. By that statement I mean that I want to be able to read the book on whatever device I want. To be able to do that I have to remove the DRM from the books I buy.

I NEVER distribute the books I buy, and neither should you.

How to remove DRM from Mobipocket books:
The Dark Reverser has created some python scripts that removes it. The scripts are available as torrents here.

Install python, then run the script in Terminal (more info below for Windows users):
pythonw drm_ebook.prc device_pid

How to remove DRM from EReader books (pdb):
Python script (also known as

How to remove DRM from MS Reader (lit) format:
Use ConvertLIT to remove the DRM.

How to remove DRM from Kindle ebooks

i?cabbages has provided python scripts or do a search for these keywords”adobe adept drm python scripts”.

iPad DRM
The DRM on iPad has not been broken yet.

Steps in running the scripts

This tutorial expects a certain understanding of using computers, or more importantly, a willingness to test and fail a multitude of times until you get it right yourself.

Download and install python

Python can be downloaded from
More information about running python in Windows here:

If your trying to remove drm from Adobe epub books, you also need to install pycrypto. I tried to install it through the installer located at voidspace, but it didn’t work on my Win7 (june 2010).

How to find the terminal/DOS window in Windows

Terminal (also known as the console) is the same as the DOS window if you use windows. How to find the terminal:

Under Windows 98:
Click Start.
Click Programs.
Click MS-DOS Prompt.

Under Windows 2000/XP:
Click Start.
Click Programs (All Programs if you are using Windows XP).
Click Accessories.
Click Command Prompt.

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88 Responses to How to remove DRM from ebooks

  1. Nellibly says:

    There is a wealth of information on how to remove DRM and convert ebooks at Dark Reverser’s New Blog (do google search). It takes patience, but it does work if you follow the instructions. There are also many helpful people who will “talk” you through it. I’m not a programmer, but after a few missteps, I have it working great. You also want to download an ebook conversion program called Calibre, which will convert your unlocked books from any format to any format for any device you may have. It’s free, but the developer accepts donations via Paypal and it’s well worth it.

  2. Tom says:

    any new news on the coursesmart vbk format? Thanks

  3. faith says:

    i finished installing python and pycryto on windows xp.. i dont know how to run the scripts?pls help.

  4. Rosena says:

    I have the same problem faith does…installed everything…just need a step by step. Going from EPUB to Mobi..(Kindle)?? *sigh* help

  5. Bill says:

    I am running Windows 7, have a Sony reader (touch edition) and am trying to convert my epubs (both DRM free and ereader purchased) so I can import the books into Itunes for my IPad. Can I get some help converting my books into the correct format for the iBooks app?

  6. You can’t read the DRM books you have purchased on the ipad.

    You can import the DRM free books by putting the files into the ITunes folder and locate the Books subfolder. Another option is to use Calibre which transfers the book to ipad.

  7. Savin says:

    As some of you, I’ve bought some usefull book in .prc wich I would like to be able to read in my new Android, so I tried to remove DRMs but I failed.
    – Do I need to put the files in a specific place (c:/ as example)?
    – I assumed that when you write drm_ebook.prc ebook is the name of the file ?
    – the PID is the one of the former PDA wich is working or the new PDA.

  8. BERENICE says:

    pour faire sauter les DRM de Mobipocket ou Amazone (Kindle) il faut

  9. thebloodfiend says:

    Can I ask why we shouldn’t distribute ebooks? Is their a good reason? If somewhat bought the book distributing it for free is akin to loaning it to someone, like a library. If you want a hardback of the book you can buy it – you cannot steal an ebook. If someone purchased the book and lets you read it then that’s that. What about people, teens or those who don’t have credit cards to buy books or access to a library. I understand about supporting the author but if you want to do that you can buy the actual book – not the words.

  10. You shouldn’t distribute ebooks because they are still copyright protected, even though you have removed the DRM. There is an author who has written that book and a publisher that have taken the risk to publish it, and should therefore be paid.

    The difference between an hardcover book and an ebook is that you can distribute an ebook to an enourmous amount of people, but only one person can read a hardcover book at once. If teens want to read a book, they have to pay for it or go to the library. If they don’t have the money, it doesn’t make it right to steal somebody else’s work which an ebook is.

  11. JayCaon says:

    Well said!!

  12. DJ Karlson says:

    While I agree in principal with Helene I have a problem with her logic. It seems that the point she is making is that it is okay to give a paperbook away but not an ebook because fewer people will get to read the paperbook. What nonsense. I could of course photocopy the paperbook and give it away.

    These are some of the issues as I see it

    – Why does an ebook cost as much as a paperback?
    – Who gets the royalties from the sale of a book (most go to the publisher).
    – DRM is a fools game that should eventually be replaced by a more equitable distribution of media.
    – The ebook industry and the entire digital media revolution is just getting started and the artists, authors, and anyone with information to share has to come to terms with the new reality.

    It is the blood sucking parasites that feed off labor of artists that are preventing the digital revolution from becoming a wave. Everybody wants their piece of the pie. Some studies have shown that downloading stimulates sales be increasing exposure for the artist and I know if I like something I will usually go out and get it.

    I will gladly pay 2 -5 $ for a digital download of a book, CD etc. but I object to paying as much money for an ebook/MP3/video that costs pennies to distribute digitally compared to a hard cover that has to be printed, shipped, inventoried, etc.


  13. Hehe, I see! Well, you would still break the copyright on the book since it’s not legal to copy the whole book.

    You have some good comments. A norwegian study also shows that providing digital music has increased the income for musicians.

  14. MikeFM says:

    I certainly don’t mind supporting authors, or even publishers, but I resent my books being locked up in DRM and the fact that they charge as much for the ebook as the paper book but don’t even bother to edit the books decently. And why not have a way to lend a book – I can see DRM for that use so that only the original owner has the unlocked copy but can lend out a copy that will expire after a given time if not ‘returned’.

    Despite my frustration over these issues and others I’ve became an avid user of iBooks and have discovered some great authors that hadn’t entered my radar before. I’d love to see an option where for a small shipping fee you could receive the paper book for the ebooks you’ve purchased. Would it cost the publishers or Apple/Amazon/whatever anything to sell you the paper book and throw in the ebook?

    And apps need a way to mark places that need editing and share them with the publisher. That’d make us readers happier, assuming our ebook would update as corrections were made, and let publishers offer a better product at little cost to themselves.

  15. There is technology available that supports lending of ebooks. I remember Fictionwise had a lending website, but I don’t remember the link of the site.

    You mention two ways that publishers can improve ebooks, and I really do hope they come up with these options in the future. I will go even further and say that publishers can build community(forums, blogs, reviews etc) on books and their authors – treating the author as a trademark. There’s a lot of potential.

  16. Cael Frost says:

    So, my Sony eReader was dropped and it broke, my husband the good man he is did his research and got me a Kindle for my B-day. I knew there might be some issues and I paid for my books and I want to read them but cannot, I do not speak the Python language and need a step by detailed step of how to crack the rediculous DRM. There is no intention of distributing this stuff and as soon as the books I have are cracked I intend to delete the python and those pastie things. Please? I was in a really good part of a certain book and I hate suspense. Your help would be hugely appreciated!!

  17. Anne says:

    Is there a way to do this using the MAC OS 10.6?

    Thanks, in advance.

  18. I use the crack for mobipocket on macos 10.6. I don’t purchase books on any other format than mobipocket or kindle, so I’m not much use on other formats.

  19. Steve says:

    I have a new Sony reader and a bunch of ereader PDB books I would like to read. I have a newer Palm but they don’t have a reader for Palm new phones go figure. Anyway, I am not sure on running the script either so if there is a step by step available that would be much appreciated

  20. Patty says:

    I have a Nook, My son bought me a Kindle for Christmas (better battery life). I want to read the dozens of ebooks that bought & paid for onto mu Kindle. The DRM will not allow me. I can not express how angry I am that my property, that I PAID FOR is being held hostage. I should be able to read what I paid for on any device that I wish to.

  21. Free, easy-to-use, cross-platform tools for remove drm from most ebook formats are available from my blog.

    — Alf.

  22. Tatiana says:

    I too am wondering about the Coursemart vbk format. I have some etextbooks that I really need to be able to read on my Kindle. Does anyone have any idea how to remove the DRM from these?

  23. canan says:

    nice post, thank you..

  24. J Williams says:

    Concerning .VBK, It’s appearing like the only option is to get a print to pdf program like doPDF and then combining the pdfs using something like combine pdf. If there were a better way, I’d love to know as well.

  25. No matter how long you have been experiencing that pain, it’s never too late to get rid! That’s what i want to say here.

  26. microcrashboy says:

    Hi Jwilliams
    that is not possible with course smart.
    1. they limit printing to ten pages the book is huge take forever!
    2. They place a dsclaimer on the top of every page.


  27. Anne says:

    In any case, I’m wondering how I get the serial number for Kindle software running on my iPad so I can try this process. drm removal

  28. Jennifer says:

    Hi –

    I have iBooks that I am trying to convert to Kindle or MOBI format. Can anyone help?

  29. Carney says:

    would wish to thanks for the work you have made in writing this post. I’m hoping the same best work from you sometime soon also. The fact is your creative writing ability has inspired me to begin my own web site now.

  30. Finn Bjerke says:

    Thx I really need to get DRM away from my ebooks, Ubuntu and Kobo ebook readers can not handle DRM – no contact to the reader using Wine and Adobe Digital … I payed for the book but can not read it. Horrible.. I have a DRM PDF book regarding my work (Juvenile alcohol problems) I can not read it.

    Have you any idea how to remove DRM from PDFs using Ubuntu ?

    Stavanger most be wonderfully windy btw. I kitesurf. try it its fun. thx for a very inspiring site – have fun

  31. Alifkaf says:

    for vbk, it looks the only way is to get a print to pdf program but the pain is that it allows only 5 pages per print…i have got 3 vbk of around 800 pages each…I cant even dare to do this step 500 times…

    sharing is secondary, the important thing is to give flexibility and choice to the person who paid for e-books…there is none in case of vbk..

    any suggestion how to convert vbk files to pdf in windows? pls help

  32. Marlen says:

    To foil .vbk DRM on mac os I have too links: (version 1) and (version 2).

    This will get you a very low quality .pdf file with a disclaimer at the top of every page. It may be worth the effort for you though. WARNING: may require you mess around a bit. I don’t really mind the disclaimer (it keeps you honest) but the lack of quality in the .pdf is really too bad.

    Good luck all

  33. Chloe Patricia says:

    Hello, my name is Chloe and I am hoping someone may be able to help me with my DRM LIT books. I switched from MS Reader to Kindle because Microsoft will withdraw from ebooks market next summer and even now their customer support does not seem working properly (I have sent a request for new activation allotment twice after used up my allocated 6, but not reply at all).
    I researched on-line and found Convert LIT. I am not good at computer things and managed to convert my LIT book into a holder full of HTML files. I tried to assemble them to a book using Mobipocket Creator Home Edition but the book I got lacked certain punctuations.
    Could anyone tell me what went wrong and how to rectify it? I am hoping to find out the way to remove DRM from a LIT book without disassembling it first, but if I have to, I can live with that.
    Thank you. Chloe Patricia

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  35. easye says:

    the idea and bastardization of the word ‘steal’ is ridiculous! It is not ‘stealing’ when you share an electronic file. Stealing is when you take ‘some’ ‘thing’ that leaves someone else without it. The distortion in the word ‘steal’ is truly incredible…we are headed in the way of 1984 and doublespeak. Distributing an ‘intangible’ computer file that cannot really be scarce and therefore cannot be considered in the old economic principles that focuses on management of unlimited wants versus limited resources. Please think for yourself and reconsider the whole argument that the pro-agent groups put forth to support their outmoded thinking and greed.
    Piracy involved swords, eyepatches, and parrots…not computer files shared between people that want to experience and learn more without having to pay EVER-INCREASING prices for items/media that cost less and less to produce (funny how that works eh?). If ebooks and eMusic cost less that a used copy on physical media (e.g. used paperback) then there would be no need for free sharing of broken DRM copies of electronic media…so-called piracy/stealing.
    I ask you all just to reconsider what has been a huge waste of economic power…can you imagine the amounts of money they’ve thrown into advertising the ideas of ‘anti-piracy’?
    Have you noticed that when large ‘anti-piracy’ cases are ‘won’ in the courts that the money doesn’t go to the artists but again back to the ‘agents’?

    Anyway, best to you all and be happy in sharing ideas and art freely …or at least inexpensively.

  36. BHaskar Chaudhary says:

    Hare krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare
    Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Hare

    Your site has a very nice header.. though nothing that i could understand with the language.

  37. Yan says:

    any update for vbk pyton script_

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