iRex have released a new book reader

iRex Technologies released today iRex Digital Reader serie which offers three products: the DR 1000 basic reader version, the DR 1000 S equipped with a stylus for writing which can serve as an unending notepad, and the DR 1000 SW with stylus, WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity.

The display have become bigger, transfer of documents have become easier and according to iRex, and most importantly the chargeable built in Lithium Ion battery has sufficient power to last for days.

Now that last bit I loved to hear. I have asked myself the question if I would purchase an iRex reader in the future, and the battery capacity had made that answer into a big NO. Since it seems like iRex have improved the battery capacity, the chances have improved a bit.

The prices begins from 419 – 503 euros (prices from iRex Shop).

Just by looking at the picture, I already seem to miss one thing: the page bar for turning pages which one can just flip with the thumb. On iRex iLiad the pager is a stroke of genius I love. On the Digital Reader however it seems like they have gone for the button approach. The second objection I have is design. On iRex iLiad it’s a classic and stylish design. The Digital Reader seems just… well, a bit ugly. Since iRex’s target consumers is business professionals I would have expected a bit more from the design (or at least the same classic one). Just by looking at the pictures, there’s also a lot of other buttons missing (news, books, docs, device manager). This implies that they have at least change something about the interface, and I would really liked to know what.

The stylus seems to have been improved into one that is easier to use and more solid.

As you can see from the image below, the reader is quite slim as well.

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