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Happy New Year!

This year (as last year) I will celebrate new year at home with martin and a friend of mine. I’m not a party girl, so it’s a calm celebration with people I care about. Just the way I like it. … Continue reading

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ITunes: Convert mp3 to audiobooks

When importing mp3 to ITunes, the files is automatically added to the music library. All it takes for making the mp3’s into audiobooks is the correct settings. Search up the files in question and mark them. Right click on the … Continue reading

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Christmas Freebie: MacHeist

MacHeist gives away free software gifts for free on christmas day. Today it’s 1password, doseido, iConquer, SantaSnaps, Enigmo and Synergy. Run and download.

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everybody! For many people Christmas is today – 25th of December, but Norwegians celebrate this day on 24th. The day usually starts with cartoons on TV in the morning with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. The cartoons set … Continue reading

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Ebook freebie: God’s Debris by Scott Adams

Scott Adams published in 2005 a book named God’s debris that can be downloaded. Some of you may recognize the authors name – Scott Adams is the creator of Dilbert and he also have a blog that I subscribe to. … Continue reading

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Ebook freebies: Firstborn and Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson

Brandon Sanderson (and Robin Hobb) is one of my favorite authors. He writes science fiction and fantasy books. Recently published the first story he wrote, Firstborn, and it’s freely available as download or online reading (you might have to … Continue reading

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Music freebie: Biosphere

One of my favorite norwegian musicians is Biosphere and he makes ambient electronic music. When reading about Biosphere one always come across the word arctic – which is how his music is described. Probably because he lives up north in … Continue reading

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Howto convert between ebook formats

I sometimes have to convert between ebook formats, and that is a common scenario for ebook readers who often experience that ebooks are available as free pdf downloads. The trouble is that the pdf’s usually aren’t displayed nicely on ebook … Continue reading

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Happy birthday to me

Today is my birthday! It’s a good day and I feel happy and content. It seems like turning 31 is a good thing after all. Martin woke me up this morning by singing “happy birthday” to me and gave me … Continue reading

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A healthy alternative to sugar

Have you heard of stevia? It’s a natural, herbal substitute to sugar and artificial sweeteners, it’s 30 – 45 times sweeter than ordinary sugar, and the best part is that it’s calorie-free. Stevia has shown that it can counteract obesity … Continue reading

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What happy people don’t do

I’m a passionate person. I usually have one passion that makes me all giddy and makes me do much research, reading etc. For the last couple of months my passion have been happiness: How to achieve it, how to maintain … Continue reading

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