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I just travelled to Karlstad to receive a course in Alfresco which is the system I’m assigned to learn about. It was a nice trip, and I enjoyed watching the scenery pass me by. It’s quality time for me when … Continue reading

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Designer USB Drives

I took a little trip to Mimobot to check out their designer usb drives. They have some really cool designs, and they even have Star Wars characters – I love it! I guess I have to add these to my … Continue reading

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A couple of happy days

Today and yesterday I have just been feeling very happy. I really just enjoy being. So why is it so? This week have been a busy one. I have had activities every day and crashed into bed and sleep at … Continue reading

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Yesterday it snowed the whole day. The snow on top of the shed says something about the amount of snow that fell down from the skies. And as I look outside the window, some snowflakes are falling down as well. … Continue reading

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I once read that about  80% of families were dysfunctional. In wikipedia this is stated about what a dysfunctional family is: A dysfunctional family is a family in which conflict, misbehavior and even abuse on the part of individual members … Continue reading

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Pillow case

I just made the pillow case for one pillow bought at ikea. I got the fabric from Jysk. I’m satisfied with the results.

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