Week 3: Operation energy

Well, the third week of the no sugar diet has passed and the results have been astonishing. I’m brimming with energy, and I feel amazing. I have had so much energy that I have had an unexplained urge to go jogging the whole week, so I’ve been outside jogging at least three times this week. So my goal has been achieved and it took only two – three weeks. Incredible! I’m going to continue with this no sugar diet for a longer time though, I don’t want to loose what I have achieved. This feeling is so good, and I don’t want to go back to feeling physically exhausted. So, week 4 is soon in progress 🙂

Week 3:
+ Brimming with energy
+ Cravings are almost gone and saying “no” is almost effortless
+ Concentration levels are good
+ I exercise more
– Since I’m not crashing (in the sofa) in the weekend, I suddenly find out that I have little activities in the weekend, and I get crazy of being “locked” in the house.

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