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Hot Tea Wanted!

I’m never able to drink up my tea before it gets cold, which have resulted in that I either throw the leftovers into the waste bin or out the window (there is no kitchen sink nearby). I have gotten some … Continue reading

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On sunday I went with a couple of friends to Korketrekkeren which is a sledging hill in Oslo. I had never tried it out before, so naturally I was excited. It was a sunny day and perfect for some childlike … Continue reading

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N00b boyfriend

My friend, einar, found this hilarious video on youtube (unfortunately embedded video has been disabled by those that published it): N00b boyfriend

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Relaxing saturday

Finally, I had a complete day at home with no plans except relaxing and chasing my own tail. For some reason it feels like a really long time since I’ve had it, but my life has been very busy the … Continue reading

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Love at second sight

For about a year now I have not bought myself any gadgets, and because of this I have been suffering from gadget withdrawal for some time now. The result have been that for christmas I bought Nintendo Wii and Wii … Continue reading

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