I have been wanting a notebook for a long time. A small computer I can just put in my bag and have with me everywhere I go. I have for a long time been reading every rumor that has been available on the iPad, so when it was launched I swallowed everything I could find about it, and then I started comparing it to what I want in a notebook. The iPad fell short quickly because of two main reasons:

  • HDMI, there isn’t a way to connect it to a TV using HDMI. When looking at the iPad specs it also haven’t a good enough resolution to support it. I want a a computer that I can easily connect to a tv and watch films with as little hassle as possible. Plug-and-play, baby!
  • Portable keyboard. The iPad supports a pluggable FULL-SIZE keyboard. But, I don’t want a full size keyboard. I want something small and easy – a small, portable, foldable Bluetooth keyboard like the Stowaway iGo keyboard.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t exist yet – as in there is no drivers on iphone (iPad just seems to be a large version of iPhone without telephone capabilities) that recognizes it.  I have seen one video where it works with a jailbreaked iphone on an apple bluetooth keyboard, but that keyboard isn’t very foldable – and still full-sized.

My conclusion is therefore that I will not purchase an iPad any time soon. I will instead go for a notebook sometime before I go on vacation. But  what notebook to buy?

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