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Hot as hell

“Coffee should be warm as hell, black as the devil, pure like an angel and sweet like love”. C.M. de Talleyrand-Perigord, a french politican.

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Me and Espen took a trip to Cafe Sting since this week they had a garlic week. Since today was the last day, their menu had been shortened down. I still managed to get a vegetarian pasta alfredo, but it … Continue reading

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Anybody who even slightly follow my life, know that I have a passion for mocca. But it isn’t  only about the mocca, it’s about going into the city, looking at people, being on my own and just relaxing with a … Continue reading

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As the ash is blowing in the wind

I’m thinking about high-speed trains and the benefits it would provide the society. The last three days of plane less skies and volcano ash shows just how vulnerable we are when we rely on one primary way of transportation. Having … Continue reading

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New gadget acquired

Yesterday I bought myself a new gadget. Something I have been pining for about a year now, a notebook. I spent some time researching what was available, and I ended up with HP dm1-1100eo. There is only one thing that … Continue reading

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