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Yesterday I bought myself a new gadget. Something I have been pining for about a year now, a notebook. I spent some time researching what was available, and I ended up with HP dm1-1100eo. There is only one thing that is wrong with the notebook. It was delivered with 32bits windows which is especially irritating because the notebook support up to 5 GB RAM, but without 64bit windows, the operating system will not be able to use RAM above 3,5 GB.

On a second thought I’m planning to install linux on it, so upgrading the ram will probably be a good idea in the future anyway.

The notebook I purchased was actually 400,- cheaper than HP dm1-1030 which has almost identical specification, except that the harddisk is faster on the cheaper laptop. Yep, you heard right. The cheaper laptop is slightly better than the more expensive one.

So now I’m sitting in a cafe next to a huge window, enjoy a mocca, and typing on my new gadget. So far I love it. It boots quickly (my work laptop with win7 booted slower than this one), it’s good to write on and the screen size and resolution suits me perfectly. I have only one thing that I’m not happy with, the fan noise. I had expected the machine to be more silent, but may be I’m too sensitive to noise. Out in public I can’t hear the machine, but when it’s silent around me, the fan is there.

So now I have a new item that I will always have with me in my bag. My notebook and ereader.Does this qualify for purchasing a new bag? A big one that has enough space… 😀

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