How to remove the DRM from kindle ebooks on Windows

This information is only provided for reading your purchased ebooks on whatever device you want, NEVER distribute ebooks.

Amazon is doing a great job at allowing one to read the ebooks purchased from them on most devices (mac, ipad, iphone, windows), but one is still locked to the devices that amazon decides to support.

These scripts only work for Windows, there is currently no support for MacOsX.

These are the following steps to remove the DRM on kindle ebooks:

1. Download and install python.
2. Download unswindle.pyw.
3. Download MobiDeDRM.pyw.
4. Download Kindle for PC.
5. Putting it all together.

1. Download and install python

The link is to python 2.7, newer versions may have come out and is accessible from the download page. The installer is just standard click – install.

2. Download unswindle.pyw

Rename the downloaded file to unswindle.pyw. Any updates to the script will be published on the creators blog

3. Download MobiDeDRM.pyw

There are two blogs to watch out for any changes to the script: Apprentice Alf and Dark Reverser. The latest version is coming from Apprentice Alf, and it isn’t easy to figure out which version the script has come to. The link I’ve given is to MobiDeDRM 0.16.

Rename the downloaded file to MobiDeDRM.pyw.

4. Download Kindle for PC.

I use version 1.0.1 Beta 1 which is the one I have linked to. NB: ONLY USE VERSION 1.0.1 Beta 1.

Make sure that the application doesn’t download and install newer versions of the application on its own. This can be done by starting “Kindle for PC” –> click “Menu” located on the right side –> click “Settings” –>  Uncheck the box located below “Updates”.

5. Putting it all together

Now we have everything to start removing the DRM from the kindle books. Close the Kindle for PC application. Make sure that unswindle.pyw and MobiDeDRM.pyw is located in the same directory.

Doubleclick unswindle.pyw. A window will display itself:

Choose “Select a program from a list of installed programs” and press “OK”.

Locate the “Browse” button, locate the python directory, doubleclick and select “pythonw.exe”.

This will open the Kindle for PC application. Select the book you want to remove the DRM from by doubleclicking the book. This will open the book for reading in Kindle for PC.

Now, just quit Kindle for PC. That will open this window:

In “File name:” make sure to enter a filename, like “”, and press “Save”. Now your book has been decrypted. Enjoy!


If you want a more hassle free way of removing the DRM of kindle ebooks, purchase Kindle DRM Removal. It worked great for me (and I don’t get paid for writing this).

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59 Responses to How to remove the DRM from kindle ebooks on Windows

  1. Caroline says:

    Superb instructions. Had a couple of glitches here and there, but got my books in the end! Thanks for the guide

  2. Flynn says:

    Will this process work for converting Kobo purchased books for eReader on the Playbook? thanks in advance.

  3. Nikhil Jain says:

    Error:Failed to determine book pid

  4. Paul Durrant says:

    There are easier to use and more reliable tools for this now, although still free and using python. See Apprentice Alf’s blog for details and a download link.

  5. Paul Durrant says:

    Oh, and I really can’t recommend Kindle DRM Removal. Underneath it uses the same scripts (although usually older versions) as the very easy to use stand-alone tools and calibre plug-ins at Apprentice Alf’s blog.

  6. Jon Lincoln says:

    There’s a website that does all this for you. You just upload the azw files and put the serial in the box and it gives you download links within seconds! No Python install or any of that needed, just your web browser.

  7. Mike says:

    I tried the steps but get stuck on “This will open the Kindle for PC application.” in Step 5 because the version of kindle that you suggest doesn’t run on windows 7. Even when I dbl click the shortcut, the application won’t open, nothing happens. If I open task manager and dbl click the shortcut I can see the program flash but closes right away. (It is installed as I can see the directory and executable for it that the shortcut points to) :-/

  8. Hey all,

    Method works without other problems than the fact that this old vulnerable Kindle For PC application is set to not start after 2011 or something.

    It wouldn’t probably be too hard to reverse engineer software and remove this date validation, but anyone can just simply change operating system time to the time this post was written (September 25, 2010).

    I’m using Win XP virtual machine on VirtualBox. The process isn’t that complicated (for a programmer at least) but I’ll check the Apprentice Alf’s method next.

    Now I’m able to rescue a couple DRM’d books for reading on a cheap non-Kindle ebook reader.

  9. Arnold says:

    I got as far as opening Kindle for PC. There are no books inside. When I try to register the Kinde for PC to get my books – it says the account does not exist. I guess this older version does not recognize new accounts???? Drag and drop my downloaded book (from a current Kindle app) is not possible and there is no way to just open a book (like File… Open…) So i’m stuck.

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