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Criticizing employers and businesses online

The internet gives us another arena where we can divulge information about our lives, opinions on different subjects and day to day lives. We can also experience that friends, boyfriends, ex-something, family etc. does it for us, that they share … Continue reading

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Slik kan du omgå DRM’en i Bokskya

Bokskya bli nylig lansert, og jeg har endelig våget meg på å kjøpe en bok. Etter jeg hadde kjøpt en bok, så registrerte og logget jeg meg inn på med Google Chrome (som har HTML5 støtte). Boken jeg hadde … Continue reading

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Norwegian ebook stores

The slow effort on getting norwegian ebooks out to the public is starting to get somewhere. There has been a myriad of discussions, back and forth regarding prices, slow progress, taxes, book selection, where publishers will provide ebooks etc. You … Continue reading

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Jewellery storage

Any girl ends up with a lot of jewellery during the years, which ends up being stashed here and there in a disorderly fashion. That is my reality anyway. So for a little time I have been wanting a nice … Continue reading

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Feminism today

There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women. Madeleine Albright A friend of mine, Merete, wrote on Facebook a wall status on the International Women’s day that she wasn’t a feminist, but wished all … Continue reading

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