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This week I had a breakthrough! I have been able to go out with Simon to different appointments, and it have worked out fine. I’m able to get out and do stuff ! I have now come to the level where I’m able to take good care of Simon AND myself to the point where I’m very happy now. I have met other mothers with babies and get to socialize, and that has felt really good. It also showed me that Simon is still crying more and are more grumpy than other babies (mine is always the one who cries while the others are quiet), but it’s within manageable levels where I can take care of myself at the same time. I’m happy again!

The first two months I was miserable, then for a couple of weeks I was in equlibrium and now I’m back to being happy when Simon is 10 weeks old. Joyously happy 🙂 It has become so much easier to enjoy this time with Simon, and I’m beginning to understand now what it means to enjoy the time when they are infants. He is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen (of course) and when he smiles and make those little laughing sounds, it really smelts the heart.

I have become one of the baby carriage mafia now.  So watch out – Helene and Simon is in da town.

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