Fast talking, slow listeners

I was looking down the aisle at the ecological store I visit now and then. They have a great selection of vegetarian products and vegetables and I found tempeh and seitan for the first time.

I was paying for the goods when the shopkeeper asked me “Do you want a bag”?

This is a fairly common question that most people know the answer for immediately, but my head was spinning. I already had one bag in my hand, would my groceries fit there and was the groceries I had purchased too heavy for that bag? I also had a backsack, so may be I could put some groceries there. All this questions and decisions was going through my head so I think I took seven seconds before I finally answered no.

“I took some time answering that question, but I had to figure out if I wanted to use the bag I have or not,” I told the shopkeeper.

“Yes, I could see that you were processing the question.”

“My boyfriend sometimes feel resigned because I can spend a long time answering the simplest questions like if I want tea. But I need to feel whether my body want tea or not.”

“Taking some time to think things over isn’t such a bad thing, may be we should do it more,” he answers.

“People talked slower before. We don’t have to go longer than to our grandmothers, and we will hear that today’s generation is talking very fast.”

He nodded like he understood what I was saying.

Then he said, “may be they were better listeners as well.”

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