That damn weight

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A couple of weeks ago I reached a weight level I never thought I would reach (except when I was pregnant, but that doesn’t count). So damn! What now? Twice I have lost a lot of weight (15 kilos and more) and twice I have gained that weight back and more. Result:

I’m through with the word diet and dieting.
I’m through with the word weight loss.
I will not count another calorie if my life depended on it.
I feel like strangling every person who says it’s about “calories in and calories out”. That person is clueless. You can only state that it’s about calories in and out, when you have it all figured out and are showing off a nice body to feel superior to those who haven’t solved the weight puzzle. Most likely that person never had a serious weight problem.

Whenever there is a discussion about weight loss and what’s healthy and not, I stay clear of it. I have a ton of knowledge about the subject because it’s an interest I have – especially in terms of research on weight loss which makes the statement “calories in and out” ridiculous. And there is finally more and more research now – serious research. Not only on the physical aspects of weight loss, but also about self discipline which can be viewed upon as a muscle that get’s tired. People subconsciously think fat folks don’t have self discipline, but again, it’s ignorance on their part.

I have come so far as an happy amateur that I understand when the different weight loss diets are bullocks. Like low carb, Grete Roede, Atkins, whatever. But I haven’t solved the puzzle. I have only come to the point where I know bullshit when I hear it.

So what to do when I’m not motivated for loosing weight? I weigh more that I want, but there is no chance in hell I will go on a diet to loose weight. Diet – the word makes me shiver, and not in a good way.

Well, I have known for a long time that if I was to loose weight I had to change my lifestyle. But you don’t change your lifestyle unless you replace a bad habit with another habit that you like. Let me say it again, you have to replace a habit with something you LIKE. If not, then time will make those pounds go right back.

Then I discovered “The Lean” by Kathy Freston. Kathy is a vegan and health activist, without any schooling on the subject, but loves research more than I do. She is talking a language I agree with – it’s not about giving up something, but about crowding out. Finding alternatives that you like and are healthier. So I have already started on it – so hopefully I will write more about it and my experience with it.

So this is my take – I want to feel healthier, I want to have more energy, feeling better. That is my motivation.

But no way in hell will I go on a weight loss regime. No, I’m done with that.

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