Hulu Plus is now on Apple TV

I have been waiting for this: Hulu Plus is now available on Apple TV. So, no I can enjoy both my netflix and hulu plus account. Unfortunately, I’m not so happy with Hulu Plus. It’s an annoyance that many shows can’t be streamed, you have to see it using a browser. Then Hulu Plus doesn’t have a good enough selection of shows. Then they only show the last five episodes from a series, and you have no access to prior seasons and episodes. This isn’t good enough. So why will I continue throwing money at them?

Because they actually do show latest episodes of series. Netflix has more shows and films that are current, but the series is only one season at a time. There is no access to newly aired episodes. Hulu Plus and Netflix fills two different segments. I would have loved that one service provided all of it, but that’s just not how it goes.

So then I’m only left with one option: throw money after both of these services. That’s fine by me.

There is a third option: ITunes. They have an even better selection than these two services (actually, it’s excellent!), but they cost a lot more. Then you have to purchase (or rent) a movie or a series. It costs a lot and then you are bogged down by DRM. That is not a problem as long as you only want to watch it using Apple TV and are willing to spend the money involved – but I’m not. The moment DRM is involved – I get a bit grumpy. Especially when they want a lot of money as well. Then they are not getting my money. Not on this.

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