Day 2: Have a hearty breakfast

Tofu scramble with beans in chili sauce

When I started reading “The lean” I googled if others had tried to follow this book – more importantly, did it work? Did people loose weight, feel more energetic, happier? I only found one blog by Jenni Dunning who wrote about it. She managed to get to day 9 and then there’s silence and no words about weight loss. So does this plan suggested in this book work? Well, the vote is still out. The book contains 30 suggestions, and I’m not so sure I will be able to get to Day 9 myself, come to think of it.

The task of the day is then:

  1. Drink enough water
  2. Eat a hearty breakfast

Yes, I have to follow the previous days suggestions as well. I really liked this one because I don’t eat enough. Whenever I have lost weight I have followed the same path: Eat more, more often. Considering I had been constantly hungry for the last week, I decided to eat 3 slices of bread, tofu scramble and tomato beans. Loved it! For lunch I ate a bowl of oatmeal with an apple. Now, these meals contain so much nutrition it lasted a whole day. I only got a bit hungry in the evening, and didn’t bother with dinner some days.

This glorious situation only lasted for a little while, my body got used to a big breakfast and eating the same thing every day got a bit uninteresting. But still, more than two weeks later I eat the same big breakfast, and my body likes it. I’m not uncomfortably hungry any more and the breakfast lasts longer than two hours.

From the book:

Doesn’t skipping breakfast cut down on calories? Short answer? No. You actually need the calories first thing in the morning to jump-start your metabolism. Skipping them will do you no good, as you will only be hungrier and eat more later. (…)

When you eat whole grains, the fiber causes your food to be digested and absorbed into your bloodstream slowly. This helps you to keep your blood sugar in a normal range without getting too high or too low, thus no wild cravings. (…)

If you drink a glass of water every time before you eat, you’ll feel full quicker because some of your stomach volume is taken up by calorie-free water. Well, you can think of fiber as water in food form. Health benefits without any calories.

A note on eggs:

Did you know that one egg has as much cholesterol as an 8-ounce steak? One egg has more cholesterol than a double Quarter Pounder with cheese, and eating one or more per day ups your risk of type 2 diabetes by 77 per cent for women and 58 per cent for men (this from a 2008 study of more than 57,000 people). (…)

A new National Institute of Health-sponsored study appeared in September of 2011, reporting that men who eat 2.5 eggs or more per week have an 81 per cent higher chance of developing lethal prostate cancer.

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