Day 4: Say no to your poison


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This was the day to clean out the cupboards of a certain food you can’t resist. You just can’t stop eating when you have it around.

I struggled with this one, because there weren’t anything that I couldn’t say no too. I thought of coca cola, which we only purchase during the weekend now. Sometimes we don’t even finish up the bottle we have bought.

I thought of candy. Whenever I have it and I don’t eat it up the first day, I finish it the second day. That one is addictive – but I don’t purchase candy often. Every other weekend. I don’t have it around the house – because I eat it up. So what is there to clean up? What is there to say no to?

Because I’m not on a diet. I will not resist something I want. If I want something – I will have it. Period.

So I never quite got the hang of this one. Kathy Freston suggest crowding out those cravings with healthier options and provides recipes for chocolate mousse etc. It does seem like a good idea, and I have tried making several recipes of chocolate mousse (how do you make silken tofu creamy?), one with a bit of luck and lots of chocolate. The vegan version of caramell pudding, wasn’t eatable. Those recipes wasn’t one of those Kathy Freston comes with, though. I haven’t tried any of those yet. Now, what about those cravings?

I may only be on day four in this blog, but I have finished the 30 days in the book – at least in reading it. When I started eating a huge breakfast (and lunch), the cravings was/is gone. What I’m left with is the mental craving. The body is full and satisfied, it’s more the mental satisfaction I get of going to cafe alone, relaxing with a mocca and having a warm cup between my hands. And I always want something in the evenings, for relaxation and destressing.

Whenever I get the real cravings, it’s because I’m hungry. Whenever I relax with chips and candy, it’s the weekend and I’m to watch a movie or something while Simon is sleeping. It’s a dedicated splurge time. If I don’t eat it up that day, I finish it the next day because it taste so good. So I guess what I have to learn is to not purchase too much candy.

From the book:

There’s a reason you can’t resist certain foods even though you know they’re no good for you and even though you have an intense desire to lose weight…. Sugar and fat stimulate the brain’s reward centers through the neurotransmitter dopamine, exactly like other addictive drugs do. When we eat fatty or sugary foods, we are flooded with that feel-good brain chemical…

Once we ingest the fatty or sweet good, our bodies say “Ahhhh,” by releasing opiate-like substances into out bloodstream…. The problem is that, just like drugs, we develop a tolerance and need more and more to get to that pleasant place.

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