Finding beauty in daily life

Every december these hearts are set up in the centre of Stavanger, and lighted. They mark that Christmas is upon us, and are really what gives me the christmas mood. Unfortunately, they have not been lighted this year.

Being sick for weeks makes for a very grumpy me. There is no time for being alone, replenish the energy stores and life sucks. Now that I have been well for some days, I have been desperate for getting out to cafe’s, stores, everything that is outside of home and those walls that have been my prison for weeks.

I longed for beauty in my life, things that made me happy, things that made me feel that there still were some magic to my life. Finding beauty doesn’t come automatically. Most advice about finding beauty is all about “looking within”, changing your approach and attitude. Well, there is some truth to it, but forget that bullshit. Why?

If you have trouble seeing beauty in your life, it’s because you’re not happy. Something is off, and getting back on track requires more than “thinking” yourself healthy again. If you need to find beauty in your life, you really only need one step:

1. Do something that gives you joy.

Yes, there is only one requirement and it requires action on your part. If you are so far gone that you are unable to feel joy from some action it probably means you are dealing with a depression, and then do something that used to give you joy until you begin feeling it again.

My rule right now is to find something that gives me joy every day. Today that is to go to the cinema to see the last Twilight film. It has terrible actors, terrible dialogs, but a good story and there’s vampires. So I’m sold.

There is beauty in books as well. I really want a book with pictures of krishna deities, but it’s too expensive. Would have loved it, though. A good story has beauty in it.


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