Joy in Joylent?

IMG_1052The complete meal replacement is having a revival with the start of soylent. The spin is that one can replace one’s whole food chain with a powder that makes you feel full and provides you with all the things the body needs. In theory you should be able to only live off this powdery shake. Protein shakes is nothing new, but most of these powders are targeted to either body builders or people who want to loose weight.

Soylent began as a crowdfunding project that very quickly achieved the necessary funding, and began shipping it’s wares in late 2014. Soylent believes in outsourcing and the first recipe for soylent was made public. They have a thriving forum and DIY community where people create their own powder meal replacement. Joylent is a derivative of the diy community which ships to… most of the world it seems. Soylent only ships within US.

When I first heard of Soylent, I was quickly sold because food is for me a hassle I neither like or want/need. The thought of just have some powder, add water, drink and live happily ever after was really a fairytale. No more figuring what to eat, what to buy, prepare, do the dishes. All I needed was to measure, add water, drink and clean the glass afterwards.

So in the end I decided to purchase Joylent which ships to Norway. Of course, the mixer broke when I purchased so it took over three weeks before the powder arrived at my door. Though, my joy was great when I saw the delivery truck outside my window with a package that had large letters that stated Joylent.

I’m a bit particular about powder drinks. I had tried a diy hackerschool recipe which didn’t work at all. I was gagging my way through it. It doesn’t taste that great, and the milkshake thickness consistency was not to my liking. I can only stomach it when I create a smoothie and put a couple of tablespoons of it in, but on the bright side I become full afterwards.

Before receiving Joylent I was prepared to gag myself through a meal, and that was exactly what happened. J/Soylent is often described as a pancake batter, and when you think of it; Would you drink pancake batter?

I had to spend some time and trials before I figured out how to stomach this powder. I found out that creating one meal at the time was best. I divided the powder into 1/5 which is a bit over 400 kcalories and is 2 dl of powder. That seemed like a great meal to me. When I used 4 dl of water I also got a watery consistency even after hours letting it sit in the fridge. I add an ice cube in the glass, pour joylent and use a straw to drink it. I have now come to  a place where I can drink it quickly without gagging at all.

Joylent comes in many flavors like strawberry, banana, vanilla and chocolate. The flavours are bland and doesn’t really register much with me. I’ve heard that it can be delicious by adding coffee, so I have to try that out. The blandness of Joylent is actually great, because it allows for experiments to figure out what works for you.

I received Joylent four days ago, and have consumed it as breakfast/lunch/evening since. I have a son, so going full on Joylent will never happen and I don’t feed my kid Joylent. I prepare dinner for him after kindergarten and all the other necessary meals. The great thing about Joylent is that creating dinner has suddenly become very easy because the kitchen now is clean and ready. Eating Joylent allows me to focus on only creating one proper dinner and it’s easy. Time is much less of an issue.

My energy levels are a bit up and I don’t crash in the afternoon (and especially before said dinner). But my biggest issue is not resolved, I’m hungry!

The whole point of this powdery thing is that it’s supposed to make you feel full, but I’m having the opposite experience. I drink and afterwards my stomach is still a little bit hungry. Not so much hunger I need to eat, but it’s there. Then a couple of hours later, I’m hungry as I want to eat. The trouble is that I don’t want to eat too much Joylent because I see my weight is increasing (when I wanted the opposite effect) and especially in the evening this hunger makes me go for chips when Joylent doesn’t take away the hunger.

I read in the forum that this is because the stomach is getting used to the lower volume of food, which sounds logical. The body is getting the nutrients it needs because I don’t crash and my energy levels have slightly increased. But I’m still hungry.

The whole point of a complete meal replacement is to make you feel full with as little hassle as possible. So far I’m not experiencing it, but I will just have to see. I love how easy eating has become, so I will not give it up anyway. I just need to adjust.

So I guess this is to be continued.

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