Plex – a network error occurred

I have a private virtual server setup with linux, plex, amazon cloud drive and encryption. I use the samsung plex app for viewing, and I have for some time now encountered the error “a network error occurred”. I tried to increase the memory and cpu of my server to no avail. I manually specified cache properties in the samsung plex app. It wasn’t until it occurred to me that those problems began occuring after I switched to rclone mount instead of acdcli mount.

After I switched to acdcli – the videos I had problems with before began working again. What a relief!

Then I did some more searching, and lo and behold: I found somebody who had looked into the best rclone and plex settings. And things began working again 😀

acdcli is good, but the database has a tendency to break easily – especially in conjunction with rclone sync. So I stay with rclone for now.


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