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integrity - the state of being whole, entire, or undiminished.

French Fries Paprika

French Fries paprika har forsvunnet fra butikkene, og er bare tilgjengelig på utvalgte steder. La oss slå et slag for de viktige tingene: REDD FRENCH FRIES PAPRIKA !! 😀

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Når vold og seksualitet får fritt leide

Overalt hvor en er, så  bugner det av seksualisert reklame og nyheter. Hvor mange ganger har man vel ikke hørt “Vi advarer om sterke scener i denne repotasjen” når man ser nyhetene, hvor resultatene av krig og vold kommer frem. … Continue reading

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A self-proclaimed tea-nazi

Or for the love of tea! I’m a self-proclaimed tea-nazi. I have measured temperature to brew  the tea in. I always brew the tea for the correct amount of minutes to ensure that the tea doesn’t become bitter. More importantly, … Continue reading

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I’m going to get a massage…. or going to a whore house. I’m not quite sure which. What am I to think about a place where they speak Norwegian very poorly and are open to 10pm?

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Amming og likestilling

Hva har amming med likestilling å gjøre? Det er spørsmålet jeg stiller meg når jeg følger med på ammedebatten Lysbakken startet. Det virker som at den gjengse oppfatning av likestilling er å få kvinner fortest tilbake i jobb, hvor amming … Continue reading

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Amming, nok et propaganda tema

Aftenposten har en artikkel idag om at Lysbakken har gått ut og sagt at amming kan tilpasses familiesituasjonen og kommer med alternative forslag til fullamming frem til babyen er seks måneder. Det er så ufattelig mye propaganda knyttet til det … Continue reading

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Jeg leser alt jeg kommer over om kolikk, og jeg blir bare mer og mer provosert. Veldig mange råd er knyttet til å etterlikne hvordan barnet hadde det i magen, samt sette på repetetiv “støy” som støvsuger etc. Et veldig … Continue reading

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In Waiting

If your soul wants to dance, staying in bed is stressfull, and dancing is restful. It’s only 8 days until my due date and I’m in waiting. I was in bad shape for a while and was unable to do … Continue reading

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Piracy – when there is no other option

I purchase ebooks because they are easily available and easy to get rid of the DRM. When it comes to movies and TV series, things isn’t that easily available. On the Norwegian iTunes store there is no films or TV … Continue reading

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Uplifting, joyous books

I read a lot when I was young, biographies, fiction, you name it. I even read “Lord of the Rings” two or three times. I have tried to read the books several times again, but now I’m unable to read … Continue reading

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I’d love to make over…. my time in the kitchen. I love eating good and healthy, but I don’t have the time, surplus and may be motivation(?!.) to create good food. Eating good food makes me feel good, healthy and … Continue reading

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The aftermath of the oslo terrorism

On 22nd July Oslo was hit by terrorism, first a bomb went of in the government quarter and then the massacre at Utøya. 77 people was killed and during the last week there have been funerals all over Norway. During … Continue reading

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Waiting for christmas

I’ve developed a new habit when I get to work. Within 30 minutes of my arrival at work, I check to see if there has been any change in the release date of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Then I … Continue reading

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The perfect breakfast

During my vacation I noticed how important a good breakfast was for me. It wasn’t about eating the healthiest, energy-correct, let’s count the calories perfect. It was a breakfast I was looking forward to, that made me happy while eating … Continue reading

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Veien til jobbmarkedet

Norge har noen flotte velferdsordninger som gjør at 99% av befolkningen har tak over hodet og mat på bordet. Om man jobber og blir sykmeldt, så slipper man inntektstap. Er man så uheldig at man går arbeidsledig, så mottar man … Continue reading

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Tinie Tempah

Whenever I hear “Miami 2 Ibiza” I feel like I’m a frisky 18 year old again. I wish I was 18 year old with the hubris (and body) at the time, and could make a pass on Tinie Tempah. Just … Continue reading

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Chocolate fondue

I just came home (okey, for about a week ago anyway) from eight days of vacation in Gdansk/Sopot. Sopot is The seaside resort in Poland and apparently the most expensive place in Poland as well. In Norway that translates to … Continue reading

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A bad night

Shit happens, and then you deal with it. Helene Klungvik I never wanted kids. I’m 33 years old, and not once during those years have I felt the clock ticking, felt a biological need to reproduce. I don’t even care … Continue reading

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The cure for gallstones

My worst enemy – scratch that, all people that dislikes me for one reason or another should be very happy because I have gallstones which is incredibly painful. If I have an enemy, this is what I would like happen … Continue reading

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How to manage emails

Most people have an email problem, even if they don’t realize it. If your inbox is cluttered up with too many emails, you have problems locating mail, then you have an email problem. This is how my email box on … Continue reading

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