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Christmas trees

As Christmas is getting closer every day, I’m finding funny christmas trees to put me in the good mood. Or what about a Grolsch beer bottle tree?

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Denne spilte på en gjenkjennende streng…

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The web design process

Been there before?

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Trenger du en ny hobby?

Det er en søt historie om en fyr som veddet om han kunne samle inn en million giraffer fra hele verden, kun gjennom oppfordringer på internett. Det er noen utrolig fine bilder som han har mottatt også. Historien og mange … Continue reading

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Fantorangen synger Fredagssangen

Denne tok  fredagsstemningen min på kornet. Herlig 😀

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Man skal tugte sin hustru

*ler* ….. wow …….. Ja… tidene har bedret seg….

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Gentlemen’s ball scratcher

Sometimes there are some items that just speaks for themselves. This one is from Multicom. Description entails….. The Gentleman’s Ball Scratcher is definitely the present for the man who has everything! A gift aimed at the ‘Busy Male Executive’! For the … Continue reading

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I have been wanting a notebook for a long time. A small computer I can just put in my bag and have with me everywhere I go. I have for a long time been reading every rumor that has been … Continue reading

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N00b boyfriend

My friend, einar, found this hilarious video on youtube (unfortunately embedded video has been disabled by those that published it): N00b boyfriend

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The secret sex life of…. animals

I watched Graham Norton (love him!) yesterday and he had Isabella Rossellini as one of his guests. She was promoting her short films titled “Green Porno“, and I saw a couple of clips which had me laughing hard. Though it … Continue reading

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Balloon animal loving

I laughed hard when I saw this: And they did have some accidents during the shoot:

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I work at a Linux company, and it seems like most of my co-workers (including myself) use ubuntu as their operating system. With that as my background, I find this video very amusing.

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Human Eradication Mode

60 minutes had an episode once about the difficulties in understanding and using technical manuals. In this new technological era we all experience technical problems. This can range from setting up the new television or printer we just brought, some … Continue reading

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Joker and Batman sitting in a tree, t..a..l..k..i..n..g..

I went to see The Dark Night on cinema, and this little piece is just lovely in that regard – Watch more free videos

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Who needs a microwave

Eirik Newth had a blog entry (norwegian) with this video A bit scary.. I’m just waiting for my head to say… pop!

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Fucking Matt Damon

Sarah Silverman is the girlfriend of Jimmy Kimmel. Here she is on the show to her boyfriend… and boy, is he in for a suprise ;-D Sarah Silverman Is "F-ing Matt Damon"Uploaded by mightyleech Some time later, Jimmy´s revenge was … Continue reading

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For crying out loud

My friend Einar found this clip starring the former Macgyver on youtube.. Hilarious: And for the people out there doing IT support:

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