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Optimize exim performance

I experienced that exim was slow in sending outgoing mail, it was spending a lot of time in the queue, resulting in customer complains. So I started to google what could be done to increase performance in exim. I didn’t … Continue reading

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How to prevent spammers from using your domain

Most people don’t like spam. It clutters up the inbox with unnecessary junk, and takes away the focus from legitimate mails. If you have your own domain like me, it gets even worse. Spammers have claimed to send mail from … Continue reading

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Never worry about losing data again

I have a lot of data – that’s where it started. Secondly, I use a lot of computers and operating systems (OS). I have a private macbook pro, a notebook with windows,  a work computer (usually with Linux), iphone and … Continue reading

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Setting date and time in linux

Server clocks has a tendency to drift, so to ensure correct date, time and zone once and for all is a good thing. Setting the date sudo date +%Y%m%d -s “20081128” Setting the time sudo date +%T -s “08:23:00” Setting … Continue reading

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Automount Windows Active Directory shared drives in Linux

Requirements: Likewise-open is installed and working. Likewise-open plug in to pam to authenticate Windows AD users on a linux box. pam-mount will mount shared drives at login time using the login credentials. There is no need for samba to do … Continue reading

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